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This is what our Customers say about Our Services

This service does something that we all say we're going to do someday--organize our photos: cull out duplicates, organize them into appropriate folders, go through all those old snapshots and slides to digitize them... But face it, it's one of those things you will never get around to. Too time-consuming, too tedious, requires special technology, and frankly can often be too emotional. Visual Story Media does it all for you!

Barbara B.

Kim did a wonderful job of working with me to organize a spread of pictures for a book celebrating my wife's 60th birthday - I got major Husband points according to all our friends. Thank you Kim

Todd C.

Wow --- so grateful to be able to view digitized versions of old slides that I never would have taken time to go through on my own. Kimberly organized and labeled everything for me so that looking through the photos now is quick and fun. She spent all the time needed to help me learn to use the system easily.

Phyllis B.

Kimberly is great! She was so helpful to take what seemed so overwhelming and break it down into small projects. For our first project, she put all of my father's cassette tapes of stories onto a flash drive, so that I can have them on my computer. It is much easier to access them now and to share them with others.  e have a lot of other projects for 2023 - scanning my mom's pictures and scanning my scrapbooks. I can't wait. Thanks Kimberly!

Caryn L.

Kimberly helps you understand how to use your technology to get the results you want. She helped me develop an organized photo system which improved my ability to find what I needed.

Tom W.

I had an idea for a Father's Day gift. Kimberly made it come to life! She listened to my kids and what they wanted, shared various media ideas and the finished product was more that we could ask for. My husband was so happy to have captured the memories in such a cool way. Thank you!

Nicole M.




We have solutions!


Organizing & Scanning

Create and organize a usable collection of 
memories  from thecloud and your older photos


Media Conversion

Imagine sitting down with your family and a bowl of popcorn to watch your old 8mm,

DVD, VHS, Beta

and other media.


Experiencing Divorce

Sometimes good things fall irreparably apart. One thing both parties can always have equal access to is their memories.

Services We Offer

  • Organizing your photos, digital images, and media into a usable and searchable directory. 

  • Helping you to access permanent hard drive and cloud-based storage to preserve and share your memories for future generations.

  • Restoration of damaged, old, faded, or torn photos.

  • Assisting you in creating a backup plan for your files and photos, so you don’t ever having to worry about losing documents.

  • Creating custom printed photo books.

    • You can have a book to celebrate a wedding or another special occasion.

    • Imagine a beautiful photo book, for each year of photo memories.

  • Designing slideshows and videos for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or memorial services.

  • Setting up a regular maintenance plan so your new Collection is always up to date.




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