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Family's experiencing Divorce

Sharing Memories Equitably Through Photo Duplication

Divorce can be a roller coaster even in an amicable split-up. Sometimes good things fall irreparably apart. One thing both parties should have equal access to is their photos. We can help by duplicating your photos, children’s art, digital images and other memories. It is better to duplicate your photos as soon as possible so it can be a shared marital expense instead of waiting until after the divorce.

Duplicating your photos helps preserve good memories for your children to carry into their adulthood and to share with their own children.

Kimberly has firsthand knowledge of the many challenges of divorce and will make every effort to make duplicating your photos easy for everyone involved.

Guidelines when handling photos during a divorce*

  • Don’t tear photos in half just to remove her/him, they/them. You’ll always have a bad feeling about that photo. Either pass it on, toss it, or digitally keep the part of the photo that is meaningful to you.

  • If you are still negotiating your separation, include a clause about who will end up with the physical photos from your time together. If both want copies, arrange for a Visual Story Media to scan photos into digital files and provide the appropriate files. There will be a cost for this, which you would be wise to negotiate into your settlement.

  • Be kind and return any one-of-a-kind historical photos of previous generations on her/him, they/them side. Someone in their family might like to have those for genealogy research.

  • Don’t stress if you choose not to return shared photos if her/him, they/them hasn’t asked for them. You are under no obligation to make more work for yourself.

 *Suggestions from The Photo Managers website

No matter how you feel today, family photos will be very important to your children. It allows them to hang onto the memories of their family of origin. Your children likely have some very happy memories that can be relived through those photos and other media. Don't toss them; save them for your kids. It's healthy for them to want some visual cues to help them process what happened and some memories to share with their own families someday.

Kim is the best. She is quick, organized and extremely careful with your family heirlooms. Kim is also very patient and easy to learn from. I HIGHLY recommend this small business if you want to get organized around your photos and your ancestry. Donna K

I would highly recommend Kimberly and her services from Visual Story Media. Kimberly helped me access precious pictures and memories that I had on old floppy disks and CDs. I had not been able to see them for years. Her service was prompt and friendly. I have also seen some of the amazing photo books that she has created, and I am looking forward to working with her in the future on a similar project for my family.  Ellen C

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We have solutions!


Organizing & Scanning

Organize your photos,

digital images and media

into a searchable database

you can enjoy.


Media Conversion

Imagine sitting down with your family and a bowl of popcorn to watch your old 8mm,

DVD, VHS, Beta

and other media.


Family History

Make sure your family knows the names of  the people in your  pictures and help them

know your family's

visual story.

Services We Offer

  • Organizing your photos, digital images, and media, like VHS tapes, slides, records and 8mm,  into a usable and searchable directory.  Various package plans are available.

  • Restoration of damaged, old, faded, or torn photos.

  • Creating custom printed photo books to celebrate a wedding or another special occasion.

    • Imagine a beautiful photo book, for each year of photo memories.

  • Designing slide shows for special weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or memorial services.

  • Setting up a regular maintenance plan so your new Collection is always up to date.

  • Helping you to access cloud-based storage to preserve and share your memories for future generations.

  • Assisting you in creating a backup plan for your files and photos, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing documents.

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