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Old MEDIA Conversion

when was the last time you viewed your slides, vhs, DVDs or Film?

Imagine sitting sat down with family and friends, enjoying a bowl ofpopcorn and watching your home movies or slides?

We can help you easily transfer your old media into a watchable digital format so it can be shared, saved and enjoyed.


With technology changing rapidly, it’s important to convert your home movie film and VHS tapes to digital so that you can continue to enjoy your memories. Film can be very sensitive, especially if it has not aged nicely.  Preserve and protect your images and film today.

Do you have damaged photos?

A damanged photo and the photo after it is restored

Don’t throw away precious photos just because they are damaged.

We can restore old or damaged photos.

what our Customers say about us

Kimberly is great! She was so helpful to take what seemed so overwhelming and break it down into small projects. For our first project, she put all of my father's cassette tapes of stories onto a flash drive, so that I can have them on my computer. It is much easier to access them now and to share them with others.  e have a lot of other projects for 2023 - scanning my mom's pictures and scanning my scrapbooks. I can't wait. Thanks Kimberly!

Caryn L.

Kimberly helps you understand how to use your technology to get the results you want. She helped me develop an organized photo system which improved my ability to find what I needed.

Tom W.

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