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Welcome to the OLLI Class Portal

End of Class Survey:  Here

​​Click on the Title to Download the Document

Download the Checklist for Organizing Your Photos

Download Windows How to Access Tags and Keywords

Download MAC How to Access Tags and Keywords

Download How to Access Metadata for Windows and MAC

When Does Equipment Wear Out?

ABCs of Photo Organizing

Supplies for Your Project 

One Way to Upload Photos from iPhone to Computer

Photobook Companies

How to Protect my iPhone

The Six Steps to Photo Organizing

Websites that will be helpful

Online Storage for a free month of BackBlaze

 Link to  my ambassador page for a  free Forever 2g photo storage account:

Video on how to use Forever:

Setting Up and Using your iPhone

Mac - Getting Rid of Duplicate Photos

Archival Storage Suggestions: Natival Archival and Archival Methods


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