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Organizing and Scanning PHOTOS

We are here to help you create an
organized collection

Our photos are in so many different places we simply can't enjoy them.

What if disaster strikes your home, like a fire or a flood? Most people say their photos are the most precious items they have. Are your photos backed up in case of a disaster?

Old pictures are part of your family's legacy. Are your pictures labeled? Will your family know who is in your pictures if you aren't there to tell them?  Are your pictures organized so they can be shared with future generations?

Let us help you get started with your organizing project or we can organize for you so they are safe, secure, and can be searched, viewed and enjoyed.

Select from the following organizing approaches

Do It For Me

If you don’t have the time, energy, space, ability, or equipment, we can take care of everything for you.  We will...

  1. Work together to set attainable goals.

  2. Explain options on the different ways to back up your collection and keep it safe.

  3. Assess your entire collection.

  4. Organize your collection into a usable database with tags.

  5. Clarify your options on permanent cloud-based storage.

  6. Making storage and archival suggestions for your media.

  7. Create photo books for you to share and enjoy.

If you choose this package, your package cost is based on the different options you choose.

Advise Me

If you want to “do it yourself” and don’t know where or how to start, we are here to help. Our Advise Me package gives you three 45-minute virtual sessions. We will help you assess your collection and guide you on setting your goals and assessing your collection.  Then we will discuss how to organize your collection into a usable database and understand how to access permanent cloud-based storage.

Click here to get your free D.I.Y. Photo Organizing Tips sheet.

Guide Me

If you want helping working on your Collection we can scan your photos for you. We will help you assess your Collection and guide you on: How to gather your items, understand scanning options, how to create a searchable database with tags and options on how to store your new collection.  If you choose this package, your package is based on how many photos you have.


We'll meet with you virtually or in person and help you assess your collection and work with you to put together the best plan to meet your individual needs.  If you choose this package there is an hourly charge.

We know that handing your treasured family memories over to someone else can be tough. We use industry standards in digitizing, printing and preserving your images. After your collection is digitized and backed up we can set up a regular maintenance plan so your new photos are always up to date. When properly protecting your Collection, the industry standard is to have it backed up in three places.


We can even set up a regular maintenance schedule to bring your files up to date. We can also set up a back up system so your photo files will be safely preserved for the future. We recommend using a 3-2-1 backup (3 copies, 2 different media, 1 stored offsite) whenever possible.

How we help you save your memories and keep them organized

  • Save all your scattered digital photos into one central hub on an external hard drive.

  • Find and remove duplicate photos.

  • Build a chronological core file structure  by creating folders based on year-month-day or year-month or theme and add your photos into those folders based on the photo metadata.

  • Rename your photo files in ways that make them easy to find.

  • Provide a written recommendation for your backup plan.

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