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Our goal is to help you organize your photos and old media

How would you like to have all your photos and media in one place where you can  easily find the photo you’re looking for or quickly gather your family's holiday pictures?  Wouldn't it be great to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and show your old home movies or open a beautiful photo book and tell your children or grandchildren your family's visual story? 


Let's Admit it! We have photos in albums and boxes, on hard drives and CD's.  Media can be on VHS, DVD and/or 8mm.


At Visual Story Media, we help people and businesses organize and maintain their photos, digital images, and media so they can be searched, viewed and enjoyed.

About Visual Story Media

Services We Offer

  • Organize your photos, digital images, and media, such as VHS tapes, slides, records, video cassettes and 8mm. Various package plans are available.

  • Restoration of damaged, old, faded, or torn photos.

  • Creating custom-printed photobooks to celebrate weddings or other special occasions.

    • Imagine having a memorable yearly photobook.

  • Designing slide shows for special weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or memorial services.

  • Setting up a regular maintenance plan so your organized photos are always up to date.

  • Helping you to access cloud-based storage to preserve and share your memories with your family.

  • Assisting you in creating a backup plan for your files and photos, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing documents.

Our lives are busy and complicated and unfortunately 
so are our photos and digital media

what our Customers say about us

This service does something that we all say we're going to do someday--organize our photos: cull out duplicates, organize them into appropriate folders, go through all those old snapshots and slides to digitize them... But face it, it's one of those things you will never get around to. Too time-consuming, too tedious, requires special technology, and frankly can often be too emotional. Visual Story Media does it all for you!

Barbara B.

Wow --- so grateful to be able to view digitized versions of old slides that I never would have taken time to go through on my own. Kimberly organized and labeled everything for me so that looking through the photos now is quick and fun. She spent all the time needed to help me learn to use the system easily.

Phyllis B.

You're not alone!

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