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No Photos Lost!


Our goal at Visual Story Media is to help people organize and preserve their family's visual story

so it can be shared with future generations.


This is What Our Customers Say About Our Services

"This service does something that we all say we're going to do someday--organize our photos: cull out duplicates, organize them into appropriate folders, go through all those old snapshots and slides to digitize them... But face it, it's one of those things you will never get around to. Too time-consuming, too tedious, requires special technology, and frankly can often be too emotional. Visual Story Media does it all for you! "

Barbara B.

Start With a Consultation

The best way to understand all the services we offer is to set up a 20 minute free consultation and you can schedule it right now online!  We'll send you a short questionnaire before the appointment (asking basic information) This will allow us to use our time together to focus on your goals and any questions you might have. 

Lets get started
  • In our 20 minute consultation we can discuss your options and goals.

    20 min
  • We will assess your collection and put together a plan.

    20 min
  • We'll look at your genealogy goals and create a plan.

    20 min
  • You want to do it yourself...but you need a little help.

    20 min
  • Let's talk about us digitizing your photos, while you do the rest.

    20 min
  • We'll talk about your Collection, creating a plan that meets your goal

    20 min
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